World Food Day 2020

By Mary Asanga

Grow, Nourish & Sustain Together

2020’s global health and economic crises have allowed for reflection on the importance of health, and that starts with food. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a lot and stirred many to reaffirm an appreciation for the things that some take for granted. Like gratitude for food whilst many people go hungry.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”


Worthy of note are the important roles played by our food heroes; farmers and other actors across the food system ensuring at all times that food follows the well-known sequence ( Farm to Fork). Despite producing more than enough food to feed everyone, the global food system has many loopholes. This imbalance has been the leading cause of hunger, rising number of obesity, environmental degradation, food loss and insecurity to mention but a few.

Farmz2U with the Epe Farmers Cluster and the Eweko Concept Aggregator

With a growing continent as Africa, estimated to represent 20% of the global population by 2020, it is pertinent to devise and ensure the development and implementation of recovery plans that adopts innovative solutions to improve food systems.

At Farmz2U, we are playing key roles that contribute towards sustainable agriculture with an objective to preserve earth’s natural resources and achieve food security. Using data Farmz2U helps farmers farm better with tailored agricultural expertise and access to market. For instance, data like the farm location and buyer demand helps Farmz2U’s user determine ‘what to grow’. Also with increased transparency of farmers processes farming operations are de-risked.